Should You Outsource Your Data Entry? Here are 5 Questions to Ask! 1-6-2017

Everything you need to know about Data entry jobs and help. While most companies often invest seriously on improving the core areas of their business such as production, marketing, and sales, one should not discount the value of having an efficient data entry process on its operations.
Source : Yocale for Business

How Start-Up Businesses Can Take Advantage Of Outsourcing 1-6-2017

The first few phases of any startup are very time and management sensitive, so does outsourcing even deserve a seat at the table? Simply put, there are so many things to be done that outsourcing is indeed a viable option during these phases. It helps by taking the load off personnel and projects.
Source : Rocks Digital

3 Ways Startups Outsource and Remain Productive 27-4-2017

Outsourcing's effect on a company's financial well-being is vital. But finding a way to make the numbers work while keeping productivity high internally is a challenge leaders need to face head-on.
Source Entrepreneur

World Customs Organization declares 2017 to be the year of Data Analysis 1—3-2017

The Secretary General of the WCO, Kunio Mikuriya, announced today that 2017 will be dedicated to promoting data analysis under the slogan “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management.” WCO Members will thus be called upon to further promote their efforts and initiatives in a sector that is becoming a key element in Customs modernization process: collecting and analysing data.
Source : World Customs Organisation

Here's how Donald Trump's presidential win will affect Indian outsourcing sector 28-2-12017

US President-elect Donald Trump, in his 15-point poll agenda, had vowed to give back jobs to Americans. If Trump fulfils his promises, it is going to hit the Indian outsourcing industry. 
Source : Business Insider